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Restaurant Review – Beaver Creek Tackle & Beer Co.

Vita and I have both been pretty busy lately, so we haven’t been cooking together as we normally do. So, last night as she was post call, I took her out to Beaver Creek Tackle & Beer Co.

Beaver Creek has been my Westland hangout since I moved there in 2006. I used to stop in every Friday night after Crain’s Detroit Business was put to bed and I’d order myself a pint and something to eat. They do everything well at Beaver Creek, whether it’s a steak, their drunk buck dip or their amazing venison chili. But my regular meal, is what you see above, the Roadkill Grill.

No, it’s not roadkill, it’s a game platter. The kabobs are pieces of venison flanked by bacon, onion and mushroom. You also get a quail breast and some boar sausage alongside a mess of hunter’s gravy, wild rice and fresh corn. If you enjoy game food, as I do, it’s absolute perfection and will definitely fill you up. Even though it always stuffs me, I end up getting venison chili, just because I’ve never had it better anywhere else.

The restaurant itself is laid out like a hunting lodge, has lots of big screen televisions, animal trophies and fish lining the walls. It’s comfortable and feels like a lot of the bars and lodges you’ll find in northern Michigan, with big cathedral ceilings, rustic pine furniture, pool tables and stone fireplaces.
It also has a great outdoor garden terrace area that’s open during the warmer months.

But what makes Beaver Creek such a great experience is the staff. The restaurant is incredibly well run. A manager always, without fail, comes out to ask how your meal is and if ANYTHING is unsatisfactory, they are always quick to rectify it. I’ve NEVER had a bad meal here, and never felt like I wasn’t getting the service I deserved. Entrees range from $9.95 to about $17, but you can get a buffalo loaf sandwich, burger or big salad for $6.99 and up.

Portions are big, the beer selection is fantastic and the chefs know their stuff. If you’re ever in the Westland or Canton area, I’d highly recommend it. It’s part of a group of independent restaurants that includes the Deadwood Bar and Grill, Camp Ticondaroga, The Moose Preserve and The Iroquois Club.

Easily a 5 out of 5 for me. Very good food, very consistent quality.


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